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't expect america to be number one forever bob. american exceptionalism doesn't exist with this radical president. >> didn't start off that way did you. >> no. >> if you go back and look at the president pictures with the chinese prime minister with george bush with bill clinton and gw bush go all of the way back everybody boys. >> nobody goes around apologizing -- >> did he apologize for something? >> america is an arrogant country. his wife said america is a down right mean country in 2008. >> when the republicans are in power it's true. >> everybody know why they took the bust of winston churchill out of office? >> the first week. >> i have heard that happen but i don't know you guys are insiders. >> i don't know. >> explain the national security thing. i don't know. we are going to get hit with biochemical weapons or crippling cyber attack and no nukes. the president tells us this weekend that al qaeda is trying to get nuclear weapons but we are cutting ours in half and iran has the right to nuclear power. help me out. >> i think it's interesting that obama seems to be saying someth
of america, including myself have no idea what is going on with this stuff because it is not taught in schools. we have home ec, when we should be having ecec. >> sean: economics 101. >> exactly >> sean: if these allegations are true, they -- there will be the proper penalty we have laws, rules on the now. that's not the point. i think for barack obama to take all this money from wall street then to lecture the world that wall street is a horrible place and banking industry is horrible when it is so end says it is phone >> no politician, republican or democrat, they all take big money from wall street. leslie -- leslie says 10 times wall street is 100 times the size of enron. >> let's focus on goldman sachs. around treasury is called government sachs. what is interesting this week in a senate finance committee the special inspector general for the government bailout said he may start probing whether securities sold by goldman sachs lead to losses for aig and if taxpayers were victims of fraud. they are you pulling on something that is bigger. >> sean: this is how incestuous it gets
. from america's news headquarters, i'm jamie colbiy. new warnings about the iceland volcano. scientists say it shows increased signs of activity. plumes of ash are creating chaos. thousands of flights cancelled today over concerns the ash could damage plane engines and impair visibility. with so many airport in europe shut down, many are flooding car rental agencies. despite the travel problems, president obama and scores of other world leaders are planning to attend the funeral for the polish president. memorial services are under way today, thousands of mourners filling the main square. the president and i say wife were killed when the plane went down in heavy fog. the funeral mass will be held tomorrow. back to cavuto on business. >>> want a big government project? you better be in a union shop. it steers federal contracts to union friendly companies. nine outs of ten workers are not in a union and that's way you say it's bad for jobs in america. >> unions are getting their money's worth. charles, 85% of construction worker force is nonunionized but they're telling that 85% to take a
jobs in america, someone might want to tell the irs. hello, i'm neil cavuto and targeting so-called high wealth individuals, in other words, this nation's job creators, the goal is to tax them more because apparently the taxes that we've seen are not enough. federal taxes going 2 to 35%. capital gains 15 to 20% and those hikes from the expiration of the bush tax cuts. now, nearly 4% tax on investment income medicare payroll tax increased to 2.35%, both of those, thanks to the health care law and add the state and local tax hikes and it's not a pretty picture. and adam and gary, here in the flesh, so excited my buddy, ben stein, author of a new book, it's the little book of bullet-proof investing, a fun read about all the things apparently aim not dealing. charles payne will be back next week and we'll have a signed copy of the book waiting for him. so, ben, good to have you again on your new book. >>. >> we've got a lot of tax bullets coming our way, no way around it, ben bernanke ending the woke saying that we're looking at that. paul voelker talking about sales taxes and go
specials. ♪ >> good morning everyone, i'm jamie colby. this is america's news headquarters. the rest of the world may be stepping in today trying to save greece from collapsing under a mountain of debt it's accumulated. the international monetary fund, the u.s. is a member is taking up greece's debt crisis and asking other country that use the euro to provide it with fund totalling about 40 billion dollars, it would only be a short-term fix for a crisis that has weighed on the global economy. and the obama administration is calling on iran again to immediately release three detained american hikers. the u.s. is deeply concerned now about their well-being, their families are saying that two of the three are in poor health and they could stage a hunger strike. the three friend were arrested nine months ago when they illegally entered the country. they have yet to be formally charged. i'm jamie colby, now, back to cavuto on business and for all of your headlines, >> . >> where's the money, where is the money? give us the... >> where is the money, where is the cash? illinoi
're in the human energy business. chevron. >> from from america's news headquarters, hi, i'm jamie colby. iranian president mahmoud ahmadnejad is challenging u.s. again, saying in a speech in iran today that new international sanctions over the country's nuclear program will only help iran, he says, rather than hurt it. ahmadnejad also saying u.s. pressure on iran has back fired, and left washington more isolated. six world powers including the u.s. are working on a package of tougher sanctions iran will face in the coming weeks over its refusal to halt its nuclear program. back in the u.s. rhode island is just beginning to emerge from the worst floods there in at least 200 years. the national weather service is saying the main river causing the flooding is expected to drop to minor flood stage by this evening, but forecasters say it may not be drop below its banks until at least tomorrow. i'm jamie colby, we'll send you back to cavuto on business only on the fox news channel. >> neil: all right. 162,000 more jobs last month. that is great. here is what it's not, nearly a third of them were gover
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6